Newest Team Member, Mr. Tomas Nagys, VP of Vineyards Wellness Center & Spa

Meet Vineyards newest team member, Mr. Tomas Nagys.  As new VP of our Wellness Center & Spa, he will be leading our burgeoning Wellness & Spa Team.

Mr. Tomas Nagys was born in Soviet Union (Russia) then raised in Lithuania once it became independent country. His professional athletic career and leadership setting started since the moment he was born, since both of his parents were professional athletes in the National Rankings.

Tomas came to the land of opportunity at the age of sixteen where he immediately established himself as a leader and a winner on and off the court.  He won the Alabama State Championship in basketball, with Montgomery Catholic High, for the first time in the high school’s history. After playing just one year of high school basketball in United States, Tomas was offered a full scholarship to play for most of the major Division I Colleges and Universities. His choice was Clemson University.  Tomas was an exceptional student athlete, great role model and ambassador at Clemson University for four years. After graduating with an International Business Marketing Degree with a minor in Sports Management, Tomas continued to follow his heart and passion.

Tomas was blessed and honored to play the game of basketball for the Lithuanian Junior National team, as well as, be a captain and a true leader of many well- known professional basketball clubs in Euro league for more than ten years (Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Kuwait and Iran).

Tomas had a very long and successful career at the highest level because he always took care of his body with the latest innovative fitness and wellness products and services. He also understood the importance of nutrition, as well as the proper recovery aspects. His consistency with a ‘Healthy Way of Living’ model was a great success for many years, transpiring into a new chapter in his life once he decided to hang up his basketball shoes.

Tomas naturally gravitated towards the Health and Fitness field and became a Global Ambassador in the Wellness and Fitness industry. He coached, trained, lead, managed and owned numerous high-end health and fitness clubs as well as consulted with some of the very best in the Industry, training many professional athletes and celebrities.

Tomas has settled in Naples with his wife, Irina and 3 children, Nigel, 7 and two-year-old twins Nia and Nixon.

Vineyards new and exciting venture of opening a grand Wellness Center & Spa will be in good hands with Tomas at the helm due to his amassed knowledge and expertise.  Please welcome him to our Vineyards Family.

“You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits”.-Favorite Quote