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Married couple holding hands with the text: Wedding Anniversary Venues Naples, Florida | Vineyards Country Club

Celebrate the anniversary of your eternal bond in one of Naples most sophisticated event venues. The peaceful elegance found within the inviting doors of Vineyards Country Club has set the scene for countless wedding anniversaries. For thirty years we have helped create unforgettable, timeless, and forever-cherished memories.

Anniversary Celebrations at Vineyards Country Club.

Panoramic greenscapes of mature tropical and native plant life transport you and your special guests to a luxury oasis that so many Naples residents call home. Travel a short drive to the heart of the Vineyards community, and find yourself at the doorstep of our illustrious country club.

Welcome as many as three hundred of your family and friends through majestic mahogany doors. Choose the option of valet parking and greet guests just steps from the rotunda entrance, as the grand water fountain splashes and sparkles.

Guests mingle as they enjoy delicious cocktails and exquisite hors d'oeuvres in an open air veranda, laughing and reminiscing as you celebrate a lifetime of memories while regarding the inspired views of a championship golf courses just steps away.

Relive the memory of your first dance on our 30’x30’ hardwood dance floor under a sparkling chandelier of gleaming light. A sophisticated ballroom design allows for almost limitless event layouts, and the dancefloor serves as a focal point for speeches, first dances, and fun throughout the night. Our venue is fully equipped to accommodate sound as well as audio visual equipment.

Fall Country Club Weddings Naples, Florida | Vineyards Country Club

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here in Naples. The pumpkin spice lattes are brewing, the weather is fantastic, and the city is bustling with year-round residents and snowbirds alike, filling the air with a friendly atmosphere. Here at Vineyards Country Club, we are preparing for our fall country club weddings. Below you will find some of our favorite aspects of a fall country club wedding.

Vineyards Country Club Golf Course Drone Image: Reasons to get married on a golf course

We’re very fond of our two championship golf courses here at Vineyards Country Club. The meticulous manner that our courses are maintained provide a spectacular view, and our challenging courses keep golfers on their toes. But you may be surprised to discover that our golf courses are popular for another reason: as a popular venue for Naples Wedding Ceremonies.

Continue reading to discover just a few reasons why golf course wedding ceremonies are very popular in Naples, Florida. We’re pretty sure by the time you finish reading you’ll be convinced, which is why we want to invite you to schedule a tour of our golf course and club.

Reasons to consider a wedding ceremony on a golf course

The Views

Picture your wedding ceremony on the one of our many breathtaking Naples golf courses. A charming blend of exotic, indigenous tall trees tower above your wedding party as flowers in blossom greet you with a dash of color. Stretched out before you a meticulously landscaped sea of green envelopes your wedding ceremony in a lush, natural environment.

And speaking of the view. . .

Naples, Florida Summer Wedding Trends 2017

One of our favorite wedding websites, The Knot, has posted some of the best Summer Wedding Trends of 2017. And we’ve got to admit, if these trends have anything to say about it, 2017 is looking like a great summer to tie the knot!

Below we’ve listed just a few of our favorite wedding trends, and put our own Naples, Florida Wedding spin on them.

Naples, Florida Summer Wedding Trends 2017

Best kept secret of Naples, Florida Destination Wedding | Vineyards Country Club

When people think of a Naples, Florida Destination Wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. What many people don’t know is that a large majority of brides and grooms choose to skip the beach wedding. Yes, it looks perfectly romantic in the movies and on the cover of the latest wedding magazine, but the logistics of a beach wedding can be extremely tricky. Not to mention costly.

Is a beach wedding a good idea? Here’s a few reasons why you might want to reconsider:

Privacy: Be wary of anyone advertising a private beach wedding. This is a hotly contested subject, but essentially all ocean beachfront is public property. You may be sharing your wedding location with tourists and locals.

Permitting: Remember to research any needed permits and ordinances. Regulations vary by location, so you will need to check locally, but there may be size limitations. Even a small intimate beach wedding will require a permit.

Expectations: It’s important to have a realistic expectation of the beach experience. The wind and waves will make it hard to hear the ceremony, the weather will affect your hair, and sand will get everywhere.

 Club members sitting at a meet with txt: Top 5 Reasons to choose a country club as your club meeting venue | Vineyards Country Club

1. The View

Who doesn't want a meeting space that encourages productivity, and inspires new ideas? Many club meetings occur in windowless conference rooms in local hotels. Country club views are scenic and inspiring. At Vineyards our views include our 2 award-winning golf courses. What could be a more inspiring view than that?

2. The Food

Country clubs are designed to host a variety of events, most involving food. This is good for two reasons. One, you know you’re getting food from people who stake their reputation on it every day. Two, you don’t have to deal with the logistics of having food catered from an outside, and possibly unreliable, caterer.

Naples has a high standard for food, and the meals at Vineyards are no exception. Our esteemed chef uses the freshest ingredients to make any event special. From nightly dinners, to wedding meals, we take every meal seriously.

3. The Atmosphere

Relaxation and elegance are what you find as standard in a Naples country club. The luxury lifestyle travels seamlessly from the golf course to the club house, and into your club meetings.
Host your meetings in a place where everyone is enjoying themselves, and no one is rushing to check-out in time to make their plane.

Night time photo of the Vineyards entrance | Club Meeting Venues Naples

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Vineyards’ award-winning 70,000 sq. ft. clubhouse is the centerpiece of our active, amenity-rich county club. Golf, tennis, dining, concerts, classes and more await you at Vineyards. The modern elegance of our Naples Wedding venue is truly inspired.

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