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Located in the heart of beautiful Naples, Florida, Vineyards Country Club is a private, non-equity club open to both residents and non-residents of the community. Founded in 1988, the Club is family-owned with a rich history and long-standing Naples reputation built with integrity, compassion, and dedication to the complete Club experience.

For over thirty years, Vineyards Country Club has long reflected the strong and stable character of the Procacci family, making it an exceptional place its members could truly call a home away from home. Vineyards Country Club offers its members the very best of Naples living and the opportunity to Belong to a True Legacy.

Discover why NOW is the perfect time to become a member of one of Naples's premier country clubs.

36 Holes of Golf | Strong and Stable Ownership, Club is Debt-Free! | No Assessments Ever | No Food and Beverage Minimums | No Hidden Fees

Experience the Vineyards Lifestyle!

One of our Annual Signature Events, the Procacci Cup Tournament showcases all that is awesome at Vineyards Country Club. Each spring our members look forward to this 3-day event of non-stop fun, camaraderie, competitive spirit and unexpected surprises! From the opening ceremony fanfare on the back lawn to the ending evening party with trophies and fireworks on the terrace, this event exemplifies all the reasons why our members chose Vineyards. The Procacci Cup Tournament is always an unforgettable event, that is of course until the next year!

Our Founders

In 1961 the Procacci brothers bought 2,000 acres of raw land in Naples, and started it all

Club History

One of the largest country clubs in Naples, over 300 acres were dedicated to the Club and its clubhouse of a spacious 70,000 square feet

Real Estate

From New Construction to Resales to Rentals, Find out about Real Estate in Vineyards Community