Top 5 Reasons to choose a country club as your club meeting venue

1. The View

Who doesn’t want a meeting space that encourages productivity, and inspires new ideas? Many club meetings occur in windowless conference rooms in local hotels. Country club views are scenic and inspiring. At Vineyards our views include our 2 award-winning golf courses. What could be a more inspiring view than that?

2. The Food

Country clubs are designed to host a variety of events, most involving food. This is good for two reasons. One, you know you’re getting food from people who stake their reputation on it every day. Two, you don’t have to deal with the logistics of having food catered from an outside, and possibly unreliable, caterer.

Naples has a high standard for food, and the meals at Vineyards are no exception. Our esteemed chef uses the freshest ingredients to make any event special. From nightly dinners, to wedding meals, we take every meal seriously.

3. The Atmosphere

Relaxation and elegance are what you find as standard in a Naples country club. The luxury lifestyle travels seamlessly from the golf course to the club house, and into your club meetings.
Host your meetings in a place where everyone is enjoying themselves, and no one is rushing to check-out in time to make their plane.

4. The Service

Country club event staff set the standard for professionalism and excellence. From the initial planning stages and setup, to food services and cleanup, country club staff are accustomed to providing top notch service.

5. The Amenities

Country clubs are flexible, literally. Many clubs design their rooms to be fully transformational. With minimal effort, a room that seats 50 guests can now welcome up to 200.
Live entertainment, custom décor, audio/visual capabilities, and complementary wi-fi should be standard when you host your club meetings at a great Naples country club.

How important is the right meeting venue for your club?

When looking for the right meeting venue you need to think about the needs and expectations of your members. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Is the venue accessible, centrally located, and close to major highways?
• Does the meeting venue work for the structure of your training seminar, board meeting, or conference?
• Do the club aesthetics compliment your traditions.
• Is the venue flexible with time?
• Do they feature modern technologies?

Club leaders and management have a responsibility to provide the best experience for their club members no matter the meeting type.


Traditional Club Meeting

A traditional club meeting seeks to maintain and honor the traditional model. This often includes pledges and invocations, and follows a set schedule.

Connected Club Meeting

Many clubs have embraced technology as a tool for communication. Wi-fi and videoconference technologies have allowed clubs to expand their meeting online to members who can’t make in-person meetings. They also take advantage of online newsletters to keep everyone connected.

Combination Club Meeting

More and more clubs are starting to combine the modern and connected, and the result is a club that honors the traditions of the past while looking to the future prosperity of the club.
No matter what type of meeting your club participates in, country clubs are a great option when looking for a venue to host your club meetings.