Reasons to get married on a Golf Course

We’re very fond of our two championship golf courses here at Vineyards Country Club. The meticulous manner that our courses are maintained provide a spectacular view, and our challenging courses keep golfers on their toes. But you may be surprised to discover that our golf courses are popular for another reason: as a popular venue for Naples Wedding Ceremonies.

Continue reading to discover just a few reasons why golf course wedding ceremonies are very popular in Naples, Florida. We’re pretty sure by the time you finish reading you’ll be convinced, which is why we want to invite you to schedule a tour of our golf course and club.

Reasons to consider a wedding ceremony on a golf course

The Views

Picture your wedding ceremony on the one of our many breathtaking Naples golf courses. A charming blend of exotic, indigenous tall trees tower above your wedding party as flowers in blossom greet you with a dash of color. Stretched out before you a meticulously landscaped sea of green envelopes your wedding ceremony in a lush, natural environment.

And speaking of the view. . .


Imagine the wedding pictures

You couldn’t ask for a more exquisite background than the scenic views offered from a Naples golf course. We take our golf seriously around here, and we expect great views from every hole. As a result, your wedding photographer will be inspired by the numerous opportunities for setting up great shots. Silly photos with the groomsman on the course, beautiful and romantic shots of the bride and groom among the trees, and the complete wedding party with green grass and bright blue sky.

The Dining – Food and Beverage on site

One of our favorite things about golf courses is that they also come with clubhouses, and inside those clubs are professional chefs making delicious food daily. This gives you two advantages. One: you know that the chefs have the experience required to serve a large amount of people. And two: in house chefs remove the worry of wondering if the caterer will be on time and not forget anything in travel.

Save on a single wedding venue location

A wedding ceremony on the golf course and a reception at the club not only saves your guest the hassle of driving from venue to venue in formal ware, it can also save you on wedding expenses. One set of fees, one venue to decorate, one bar tab. With one venue not only can you save money, but your guests can easily move from indoor to outdoor space, which is a great way to beat the Florida heat.

Golf Course Weddings at Vineyards Country Club

Vineyards Country Club has been helping to create unforgettable wedding experiences for over 20 years. Welcome your guests to a wedding ceremony on one of our two exceptionally lush golf courses, professionally maintained to impress. Our clubhouse ballrooms can seat up to 300 of our friends and family, and our event staff are committed to your unforgettable day.