Book Your Memorial Ceremony at Vineyards Country Club

A memorial service allows you to design a service that is exactly the way you want to say goodbye to your loved one and celebrate their life. It is important to make sure the place the memorial is held is comfortable, where you can expect the best service.

A Memorial Service at Vineyards Country Club

Although most funeral plans have traditionally been more formal events, and dictated by religious rites, memorial services are able to be more personalized and unrestricted, therefore more and more people are turning to a destination for a memorial. Why not celebrate the loved one’s life with beautiful surroundings and open spaces? Having a full staff of professional people will ensure the event will be a success, from Event Manager to Chef, to Bartender and all in between.

Overlooking a golf course and beautiful surrounds, Vineyards Country Club is the perfect place to relax with family and friends in remembrance of your loved one. Whether you select a band, DJ or soloist, having some form of music is highly recommended, so having the right sound system and type of space is what Vineyards can give you.

Services for Your Loved Ones

Currently our Club is seeing many “Baby Boomers” that are looking for a “crowning performance”, and that means you’ve got to set the stage for them to celebrate life. Create an uplifting ambience for your families that will help them feel comfortable and happy makes all the difference.

At Vineyards we have seen many wonderful ideas that have made these services more memorable than the older type of service you remember growing up with. Living with the latest in technology we have seen many people use it to their advantage. Getting old photos made into videos, having special books made up for guests and getting customized foods are just a few things we have seen of late.

Crafting and Audio Visual for Memorial Services

Crafting is another great way in making the day unique and special for all. We have family members that get creative in having all family and friends participate in remembering their loved ones……things like patchwork quilts where each guest brings a special patch that is from a past memory. Creating a story board, growing a memory tree or having random stories going throughout the room is another way of making a sad day into becoming a day of loving reminders.

Are you more Tech savvy? Our Club has a great Audio-Visual Department that will be able to service your needs.