Top Golfing New Year’s Resolutions

At the Vineyards Country Club we are especially endowed with an experienced and knowledgeable Team of Golf experts. Between our Staff and our incredibly well-maintained courses, the Vineyards Member is a Happy Member!

We have some Golf New Years Resolutions for you……

Dress the part: Up your style quota a little and invest in some great-fitting and stylish golf clothes. If all else fails and you are questioning what to wear on the links, dress UP, not down. The Vineyards Golf Club Pro Shop has amazing fashions for both Men and Ladies to make you look great on and off the links….

Charity Events: Have you played in a Charity event? Not only is it great to flex your golf swing, but playing for a cause is a win- win. Your entry fee is tax deductible and you will also make some new friends and get some new golf tips.

Play with new equipment: You may love your Driver, you may obsess over your Titleist ball, but what about changing up your putter for your next putt or try a new experimental swing….Ask our Vineyards Pro’s for a quick tip or check out some new equipment.

Grab a Guest: Invite some new blood into your game. Call your friend from out of town and invite them to play your course. Ask someone you just met to meet you for a quick game….try playing with someone you have never played with and you may end up learning some new things and enjoy some new conversation. Explore the Course.

Cut the Cart time: How about walking more in your game? Park your cart further away from your ball. You will start remembering the days of old….carrying your own bag? Ok don’t go that far but you may get some extra exercise if you give yourself some extra time in your game.

Call the Kids: Take your children, grandchildren or some neighbors out for a nice game of mini golf. Your putt will really matter when you play and you’ll have some fun and laughter on top of that.