Naples Wedding Venues Guide Part Two: Decorating Your Wedding Venue

Today we are continuing our Naples Wedding Venue guide with part two of our series. Part one covered the first steps you should take when deciding on the perfect wedding venue. If you missed it you can check it out here. Once you have determined the perfect location, the next step is the perfect decor.

Our experience as one on Naples’ Premier wedding venues has given a unique insight into decorating for your wedding. Below you will find a series of questions we are often asked by our brides and grooms, as well as Vineyards’ answers and tips.

Naples Wedding Venues Guide Part Two: Decorating Your Wedding Venue

What will the venue decor look like during the month of my wedding?

Many venues change out their decor for the holidays. There is also the chance that your venue may undergo a redesign between the time you book your venue and the day of your wedding. Always remember to ask what your venue will look like on your wedding day. Vineyards Country Club has holiday decor from the end of November until the beginning of January.

Can I move things around in the venue?

A wedding venue’s reluctance to allow you to experiment with different layout speaks volumes about how willing they are to help you create your perfect wedding day. Your requests should also be within reason. If you request to have a floor to ceiling column moved four inches to the left and you are refused, remember that what you consider decor may in fact be a load bearing beam in disguise. Depending on what you would like to move Vineyards is able to make certain adjustments.

Can I decorate how I want?
Within reason, your venue should allow you to decorate your wedding however you want. If you are seeking suggestions about decor, a good tip is to ask the wedding venue. They know what decor works well with their design space. Ask them for pics of previous wedding decor for inspiration. At Vineyards you are welcome to decorate how you like, we do request that you inform us of your decorations to avoid any issues. For example, if you are planning on bringing in your own tables and chairs we will need to know in advance and discuss logistics.

When will I be allowed to start setting up on the wedding day?
Popular wedding venues are often booked back-to-back. And it’s not only weddings. Anniversaries, birthdays, high school reunions, and more are all vying for space and time. Speak with your wedding decorator to determine how long they will need to decorate, then confirm that your venue they will be able to provide you with the time you need. Vineyards Country Club hosts many events, and they are experienced with event logistics. Speak with them to determine how much setup time they will provide you with.

Will the venue assist in setup?
It is important to determine how many people you will need to decorate for your wedding. A venue that will help you with setup is a big advantage. Their decorating experience saves you time. They will also help you avoid decorating setup issues that may lead to unintentional damage to venue property that ends with you having to pay an unexpected bill. Choosing Vineyards Country Club as your Naples, Florida wedding venue means that you have the option of decorating assistance from our team of professional Vineyards employees.

These answers should help you get started with any wedding venue decor questions you may have. If we missed anything feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help you out. Part Three of our Naples Wedding Venue Guide will discuss questions about food and drink for your wedding, so be on the lookout.