Naples Wedding Venue Checklist – Week of your Wedding Edition

It’s almost here! The best defense against that inevitable wedding week stress is preparation. It’s understandable, you want everything to be perfect, and there is so much to do. After years of creating spectacular Naples, Florida destination weddings for some really great couples we know a thing or two about creating the perfect Naples wedding checklist.

We all know that a truly complete wedding checklist can start looking more like a novel than a list of to-do’s, Our Vineyards Country Club wedding team put our heads together to create a comprehensive wedding checklist that covers the week leading up to your wedding. Before you say your “I do’s” look over our list of To-do’s before your big day.

Confirm with your vendors

Check in and make sure they have the correct directions to your wedding venue and the cell phone number of a contact person (preferably not the bride or groom, you guys have enough to do). Tell them when they need to be out of the venue to avoid extra venue fees, and provide them with a seating chart.

Pay your vendors before your wedding

Ask them to sign a document acknowledging payment. Writing checks and arguing about payments is the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day.

Have your tips ready to go

Prepare sealed tip envelopes and put someone you trust in charge of handing them out.

Carry extra cash

You never know what little things might pop up, best to be prepared.

Speak with your wedding DJ

You may have told him that you want your first song to be “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” but did you confirm which artist’s version? Elvis, Celine Dion, Bob Dylan, Chris Issak all have versions of the song, as well as a British punk band named Leatherface. You probably don’t want that last one.

Speak with your bartender

If you have a favorite drink, make sure your bartender has it down. If it’s a signature drink, consider providing him with a copy of the recipe.

Speak with your photographer

Provide him or her with a list of specific groups of people you would like photos of. He’ll know to group the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents, but what about the groom’s rugby team, or the bride’s sorority? Coordinate a schedule for shooting to have a better sense of time, and to help things go more smoothly on your wedding day. Naples tip: Naples is home to some pretty spectacular sunsets with colorful skies. Keep that in mind when planning your photos.

Speak with your wedding decorator

Run through a list of everything you need and confirm quantity as well as color with your decorator. Don’t forget to check-in with your florist and ask the same.

Get your driver’s contact info

If you forget something important in the limo you will need to be able to quickly get ahold of the driver. Give the contact info to someone who won’t be traveling in a rental vehicle.

Call guests who have missed the RSVP deadline

Confirm their attendance as soon as possible, and vendors and venue will both need the correct headcount.

Create a schedule for your main wedding party

Anyone who will need to be available for photos should have an itinerary letting them know where they should be and at what time.

Look over printed material

Menus, programs, place cards, etc. should all be checked for errors early enough that there is time to deal with any issues.

Nothing says, “Thank you for attending our wedding” quite like tequila


Gifts for your guests

Personalized notes and welcome gifts let your guests know how much attending your wedding means to you.

Alphabetize those seating and escort cards

Your seating card setup will go much faster. Also create a copy of the seating arrangements for a bridesmaid or groomsman to control will avoid any issues with lost cards.

Dress logistics

Where are you and your bridesmaids getting dressed? Remember that wedding and bridesmaid dresses are going to take up a lot of space in a vehicle. Plan for delivering both dresses and bridesmaids.

Bridal Party transport

Remember that as you head off to a fabulous honeymoon the bridal party you arrive with our all going to need a ride home as you head off to a fabulous honeymoon. Provide drivers with a schedule and list of names, phone numbers, and addresses for pickup and drop off.

Rain check

If you are having an outdoor ceremony have umbrellas on hand and a tent set up.

Wedding present concierge

Determine who will need to shuttle your wedding presents from your venue to your home. Be sure they have your house key.

Nominate your Wedding Supervisor

Nominate your most together friend or relative to arrive early and make sure everything is in order. Also hand them your marriage license to hold on to during the reception.

Confirm all hair and makeup appointments.

Pack early for your honeymoon

Having your honeymoon suitcase ready to go avoids a lot of undue stress.

Drop off your hotel luggage before the wedding


Pack correctly for your destination wedding

A Naples, Florida wedding means sunglasses, sunscreen, sandals, and beachwear. Plan and pack accordingly.

Shoe Check

Practice walking in your shoes at the venue (especially the dance floor)

Write those Wedding Vows

One last fitting

We know it fits perfectly, but try on that dress one last time. You look great, you’ve got this!


If 26 to-do’s aren’t enough for you The Knot can help create your personalized wedding checklist.