Naples Wedding Venue Guide Part Three: Food and Drink

Part three of our ongoing series to help you navigate your Naples, Florida wedding is all about one of the best aspects of planning a wedding, the food! As great as is to sample all of the great food that our fabulous Naples wedding caterers have to offer, it is often overwhelming. With so many options to choose from we thought Vineyards Country Club could offer our expertise on coordinating your food and drink plans with your wedding venue.

Below you will find a series of questions we are often asked by our brides and grooms, as well as Vineyards’ answers and tips. We hope this guide to food and drink at your Naples wedding venue keeps you organized and on track for the wedding of your dreams. After reading through our Q&A’s, if you find yourself with any questions feel free to call us and ask to speak with our Catering Director.

Naples Wedding Venue Guide Part Three: Food and Drink

Do you offer in house catering at your wedding venue?

When it comes to food and wedding venues, a location that employs an on-staff culinary crew is your first step in the right direction. A culinary staff experienced with the wedding venue means less chance of any issues. Forgetting the appetizers at the preparation location won’t be an issue.

Does your caterer accommodate dietary restrictions?

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free. There’s more than a good chance that one of your wedding guests will have dietary restrictions. Confirm that your culinary staff is able to provide options, and don’t forget to note dietary restrictions on your RSVPs.

Vineyards Country Club’s culinary team is able to create delicious meals for your wedding guests, no matter their culinary needs.

Will I need to rent tables, chairs, linens, silverware, glassware, etc., or will you be providing them?

Even if your wedding venue provides all of the above, set up an appointment time to look them over and determine if the design and color of the wedding rental equipment matches with your wedding theme. If it does not, you will need to find out how accommodating your wedding venue will be about bringing in your own chairs and silverware.

Vineyards provides tables, chairs, linens, silverware and glassware for rent, and we do allow you to bring in your own settings and tables, we do ask that you provide us with advance notice so that we may store our equipment before you bring yours in.

What is the cost of food and beverages per person?

Most wedding caterers will have multi-tiered pricing options for food and beverages. Determine your budget beforehand.

Will we have the option of tasting the food before finalizing the selection?

Always taste your culinary staff’s food before finalizing your meal arrangements. Variety may be the spice of life, but your wedding reception may not be the correct venue for surprising food choices from an Avant-garde chef.

Vineyards County Club provides food tasting for your Naples wedding at no extra charge. We love our food and we’re excited to have you try it out. We recommend that you try one of our wedding plated or buffet packages. These packages offer the best value as well as highlight some of our most popular items. During your food tasting ask to try the seared duck crustini and bacon wrapped scallops.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

For insurance reasons, most wedding venues will not allow any outside food or drink. If you are concerned about drink choices speak with your wedding venue to determine if they will be able to make your specialty drink. If you want your guests to have a diverse drink selection we would suggest offering our Premium bar package. That way all of your guests will most likely be able to request any drink they would like.

Do you have a license to serve alcohol?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but always confirm that the venue can legally serve alcohol. And if you’re curious, yes, Vineyards County Club has the all-clear to provide alcohol for you and your wedding guests.

What is the pricing for alcohol?

Avoid sticker shock at your wedding by determining if pricing is per person or by amount consumed. Vineyards Country Club provides you with the option of hourly, consumption, or cash bar. There is no minimum to our bar packages, and there is no charge for additional bar staff. What is the average bar tab for a guest list of my size? This will of course depend on how many guests are invited, how much they intend to drink, and if you are paying hourly or by consumption. Your venue should be able to provide you with a price range.

Is the champagne toast complimentary?

Don’t let unexpected wedding fees crash your wedding. Vineyards offer various tiers and bar packages, and depending on which you choose your champagne may or may not be free. Asking these questions to your Naples Wedding venue should ensure that your food and drink logistics won’t cause any unforeseen issues on your wedding day. If you are interested in a Naples Country Club Wedding feel free to call and ask for our Catering Director.