Consider a Sunday Wedding!

A Sunday wedding has a very different personality than a wedding on a Friday or Saturday night. While all three can be a lot of fun, a Sunday wedding has more of a low-key vibe, while a Friday or Saturday affair is all about the party. That’s probably because most guests will have the next day off to relax and recuperate. Though a Friday or Saturday may be preferred by guests, sometimes the advantages of a Sunday wedding are too good to pass up: discounted rates, lower minimum head count, availability of your favorite venues and vendors. If you’re marrying on a Sunday, here are some tips for making your day a good time for loved ones.


Get married earlier in the day.

A noon wedding means that guests will have enough time to get home after the party’s over. They won’t have to stay over and take off from work on Monday, either. (Even among your closest peeps, there’ll be a reluctance to use a vacation day to attend a wedding.)


Don’t be put off by a lower guest count.

If your wedding is on a Sunday night, some faraway guests may decline your invitation. As much as they’d like to attend, work commitments or a lack of vacation days may keep them away. And some local guests may leave as soon as dinner is over in anticipation of getting up early the next day for work.


Keep church services in mind.

Sunday morning is a busy day for religious services. Most Sunday afternoon weddings won’t interfere with them, but it might be an inconvenience to some guests if you’re considering a late-morning ceremony followed by brunch.


Even more reasons to have a Sunday Wedding….

Availability: If you fall in love with a venue, but the only available dates are on Sundays, is that really a reason to forego the venue of your dreams? We’ve had girls that come in dead-set on an early spring wedding, only to end up choosing a Sunday in November, based on availability and their decision to hold it at our venue regardless of date. If your desired date isn’t based on sentimental reasons, it’s best to be flexible. Fridays and Saturdays book up about 12-18 months out, leaving Sundays available and subject to my next point.

Discounts: Think of this…. wedding vendors, discount Sunday wedding dates, meaning you could save thousands! When considering a Sunday, ask vendors if they offer any discounts for that day of the week. If so, take the amount of money saved into account. While Sundays are not the most traditional wedding day of the week, if you’re on a budget, it might be worth it.

You Can End Early: Just because you have your wedding on a Sunday doesn’t mean you have to end early. By having a Sunday wedding, you can easily end earlier – whether it’s having a brunch wedding that ends at 5pm or even an evening wedding over by 10pm, which isn’t really that early. Ending a little earlier than Fridays and Saturdays allows those guests that want to get home early without leaving the wedding early, to do so!

More Time for an After Party: For most Friday and Saturday weddings, after parties don’t even begin until midnight or later. Some hotels close their bars by that time. Sunday weddings will have some guests that want to go home, but the other guests – those that are staying in town overnight or those that are a little younger – can go to an after party at the hotel and still be in bed before 2am.

Travel for your Guests: We frequently hear, “We really need a Saturday because we have a lot of guests traveling.” We understand, but thing is, most guests that will be traveling for your wedding will have to take off at least one day of work. It’s unfortunate, but the truth – even if having your wedding on a Saturday (or especially a Friday!). They’ll usually fly/drive out on Friday and leave to go back home on Sunday. By having a Sunday wedding, they’ll still be taking off only one day, they’ll just be switching – instead of Friday, they’ll take off Monday.

This leads to More Time with Out-of-Town Guests: For a typical Saturday wedding, your out-of-town guests will arrive late Friday evening. You’ll see them at the wedding and spend a short time with them before jetting off for your honeymoon. When hosting a Sunday wedding, you have the majority of the weekend with your guests before spending Sunday prepping for the wedding.

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