Construction and Renovation Update at Vineyards Country Club 9-6-2018

We are now into September at Vineyards Country Club. The Capital Improvements are being seen everywhere on the campus. The new Wellness Center & Spa’s exterior looks wonderful while Contractor’s busily work inside on all of the intracacies of the interior amenities.

Meanwhile they just started pouring in the concrete for the new tiered sunning pool deck which will accompany the existing pool deck. They have also cleared out the area where the Tiki Pool Bar will be being built.

Inside, the southside of the clubhouse is still under renovation with the design team working diligently to refine the details which will make the new dining room and events room look spectacular! Having the views of the golf course along with the contemporary bright colors, these rooms will be undeniably one of the best places to hold events, banquets and family gatherings.

The Golf and Maintenance Departments are finishing the layout and structure of the new golf practice green. This are will also be the beginning of the new walking path that will be connecting the new Wellness Center & Spa to the Clubhouse.

While on the inside of the clubhouse members are still enjoying evenings at Mr. P’s Pub, Upscale Dining on Friday Evenings and NFL Sundays with the whole gamut of games for everyone. While enjoying the more quiet times in Club, all the Departments are preparing for the beginning of season with October coming and another 15% of the members coming back. Holidays are a big celebration at Vineyards so they are looking forward to a busy season with activities and outings prepared by Julie and her amazing repertoire.

Interested in looking at Vineyards Country Club to make your plans for Events? Ashley will prepare your special event with all the attention and ideas you will need. Currently she is booking Holiday Events, Dinners and Luncheons. Quinceaneras are also a big draw at Vineyards Venue. The new Banquet and Catering brochure just came out today!

Thinking you may want to join Vineyards and belong to a true legend? Then Julie Iravani is the one to call and show you what Vineyards has to offer you and your family. Visitors are coming in to inquire about the new Wellness Center & Spa that they see being finished on the corner of Vineyards Boulevard. Vineyards is a private club but you can join if you are not a resident. Imagine a brand new 5 star spa and fitness center right here in the Vineyards neighborhood!