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South Course Renovation Updates

Check out our video playlist and stay up-to-date on the progress of these exciting changes. Updates will be provided twice per month.

Please note that the architect’s rendering is subject to change without notice.

A Message to our Members

Vineyards Country Club is dedicated to transparent communication with our members as it pertains to the progress of these renovations. These messages outline specific measures we are taking to assure we minimize any possible construction nuisances for our members.


Member Update #9

Dear Vineyards Country Club Members, We are delighted to report the highly anticipated South Golf Course renovation is currently on

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Member Update #1

Dear Members, As most of you are aware, Vineyards Country Club (VCC) is currently engaged in a renovation project of

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a full golf course renovation now?
There are two main reasons why the club is doing a full golf course renovation project. The first of those reasons is because of the need to replace our current greens due to their age and the significant amount of contamination of grass over the years. There’s 30+ years of an organic layer that needs to be removed as well. The renovation would fix the inherent issues of the greens with both size and contamination. It would additionally bring them up to USGA standards. The second reason for a renovation is to improve drainage on greens and fairways which will allow sustainability for years to come. These will fix some of the operational issues at the golf course and will also greatly enhance the membership experience at your club for generations to come.
How long will the golf course be shut down and where will I be able to play golf?
The renovation project is anticipated to take approximately 10 months – March to December. This includes construction and grow time for all 18-holes.
Who is paying for the golf course renovation?
There will be no assessments to pay for the Vineyards South course renovation.
When will work be taking place on the golf course renovation?
In accordance with construction permits issued for the project by Collier County, work is expected to take place daily, Monday through Saturday, from approximately 8:00AM to 6:00PM.
Are the plans likely to change from now until the course is built?
The overall scope and design of the project (Putting greens, fairways, bunkers, irrigation, bulkheads and drainage) is not expected to change from the plans created by Kipp Schulties Golf Design.
Why is it so important to have USGA spec greens?
Currently our greens do not meet USGA (United States Golf Association) standards for greens. The big consideration with that is what you can’t see, that is what is under the grass. A USGA green features a layered design that includes underground drainage pipes, a 4-inch layer of drainage gravel and a 12-inch layer of sand-based rootzone mix. The materials used to build a USGA green are carefully selected to withstand golfer and maintenance traffic, drain rapidly and provide an excellent growing environment for putting green turf. Our new USGA spec greens will be Bimini Bermuda Turfgrass.
What type of grasses will be used for the project and will these grasses be sod or sprigs? Also, can you please explain what sprigs are?
For the greens, we will be using Tiff dwarf Bermuda grass sprigs. Sprigs are small plant parts which are roots and runners. Sprigs are produced from tearing existing turf grown off-site. Once sprigs are planted, new plants are developed from the nodes that start to grow and produce roots and shoots. The young plants develop additional plants, and as they mature, a sod-forming turf occurs. Sprigs are used for the greens because once fully grown in, the grass will be full without the seams that happens when laying sod. This helps to ensure a consistent and smooth putting greens complex. For all other newly grassed areas, Bimini turf has been selected.
Who may I contact if I have further questions?

Please send an email to vineyardshomeowners@vineyardscountryclubnaples.com and our team will reply to your question(s).

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