New Sand Bunkers at Vineyards Country Club

Vineyards’ new beautiful white sandy bunkers have made for difficult playing conditions while settling in. This is very common for the first couple of months after a bunker renovation. It was time to renovate the bunker sand and drainage system, so management went with the aesthetically pleasing white sand with the quality of high- end courses around Southwest Florida.

Golfers, always very specific with their game have given a lot of feedback to our golf and maintenance staff. We empathize with the challenging but temporary conditions of our new renovated bunkers and are currently on our second round of tamping the new traps. This is done by using a vibratory plow injected with water. So far, the results are looking good, but at a somewhat slow pace since the staff is doing this around the golfers play, stopping when members are near the bunkers.

Jim Schleutker, Vineyards’ Golf Course Superintendent says that the new sand was picked for its drainage properties, appearance and long- term playability for years to come.

Sand bunkers remain one of the most important concerns for golf course superintendents, and like greens conditions, they can provide variable results while being improved. Most golfers want consistency with bunker conditions, so we apologize for any inconvenience this renovation may have caused. Please keep in mind that playing conditions in these bunkers will improve rapidly in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your support, patronage and consideration.


Vineyards Country Club Management.