Renovation Update

November 5, 2019 – Renovation Update

Mr. P’s Pub, the communities casual dining facility with indoor/outdoor transitional space and nano glass pocketing doors, has been expanded from it’s 70-person capacity to accommodate more than 200 people when completed. The pub’s carpeted flooring was removed and replaced with new herringbone pattern wood look tile flooring, for a classic look consistent with the comfortable atmosphere. Integrating the family’s Italian tradition into the design and materials, Mr. P’s Pub will be highlighted by a large, 30 feet wide by 10 feet high, custom printed canvas mural combining scenes from the Procacci’s family hometown of Bari (a port city on the Adriatic Sea), as well as vintage photographs and other artistic media in a collage which pays homage to the family’s history. Large banquettes will be installed to further create a living room/private dining room experience.

On the North side of the clubhouse, the Porte cochere area enhancements include removal of some of the exterior columns. In the lobby the ceiling has been raised with Nano pocketing doors added along the building’s East side, and framing, drywall is completed for the new conference room. The tray ceilings are nearing completion with tongue and groove wood panels. The new kitchen is also nearing completion. The North side of the club is beginning to take shape and is sure to please!