April 15, 2019 – Renovation Update

We are so excited to have the new Acqua Pool Bar open and serving our members! It is nice to be able to relax by the pool and enjoy drinks and casual dining. Mr. P’s will be closed for renovations April 30th so if you are looking for casual dining come to the Acqua Pool Bar. There will be casual dining in the Event Tent on the weekends as well.

Members are also enjoying the extra pool deck space on the 3 -tiered pool deck.

Have you seen our new Climate Controlled Wine Room? A Wine Room’s cooling units are designed to maintain a consistent temperature of 55 degrees F (13C), whereas conventional air conditioners are generally not designed or rated to cool that aggressively;

The Wine cooling units were designed to leave an optimal level of humidity in the cellar, and will only partially take away moisture as required. Contrast this to conventional air conditioners that will strip too much humidity from the space, creating a potential drying hazard for corks.

The generally accepted perfect temperature to store wine at is 55° F for reds and 45° F for whites. These temperatures slow the aging process and allow for certain chemical reactions to occur slowly over time giving the wine complex aromas, characteristics, color, and flavors. Humidity levels should range between 60% and 75% relative humidity to keep corks from drying out and to prevent air from entering the bottle damaging the wine through oxidation.

Last week was our first week opening at Naples Rehabilitative Services, our new Physical Therapy department located in the Wellness Center & Spa. You can now do your physical therapy right here at Vineyards!