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New Herbicide Being Tested at Vineyards

Jim Schleutker, Vineyards own Agronomist is trying new solutions to getting rid of any brown grass on our golf courses. There is a very aggressive weed known as “tropical signal grass” that is an unfortunate problem for all golf courses in Southwest Florida. This weed gives parts of the grass a “yellowish” tone. The newest…

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Vineyards Golf Courses Get Aeration and Mole Cricket Extermination

Vineyards Country Club has two beautiful golf courses taken care of lovingly by Jim Schleutker and his amazing Staff. The greens this past year have never looked so great, and with the constant daily care of the best Agronomist and his trained staff. Many people don’t know what agronomy is…According to Wikepedia: Agronomy (Ancient Greek ἀγρός agrós ‘field’ +…

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